Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas an new year

Well Christmas, New year eve and day come and went with such hassling on both sides when me and Kin Kin went to spent the holidays with my parents and family. This day is good to be only once in a year because my aunt gave us a insane big present which had almost the whole kitchen wear and more. That was not the worst part because the worst that we had to take it back my apartment and it weight a ton with frying pans,cooking pots and few things for baking. Argh :D But somehow we made back with our present to my apartment thanks to my friend Tommi who was kind enough to pick us up from train station and drive us to home.
Going to Magistracy
At Magistracy waiting for our turn to be announced to be married couple <3
Taking our vows
Newly Weds Vierula 's and my two School friends Tommi and Risto
After the Christmas day at my grandma s' home me and Kin Kin went my father s' home to celebrate our marriage with some of my family that were able to come on the next Monday after Christmas. Father women friend insisted that we hold a party for us so we held little cafe party with cake and chocolates etc. Both my godfather and aunt came to there too which was so fun to see my godfather after like six or more years. Everybody made kind of joke of our marriage saying that i brought a bit more from Japan than language skills and pictures of my adventures there, but that's okay and i didn't mind it since its been quite a long time since some went to marriage in our family line so they were really happy about our union and that the fact she really sweet and adorable little girl from other side of the big blue and green ball.

Since had to work on the few last days we decided to come back to Seinäjoki on Monday after the cafe party for our union. I had all most the whole week work cut out for me and more since every time the weather goes to below zero and its starts to freeze so everybody wants to clean their cars hoping that wound stay freezing. Well that okay with me since its means more work and money for me. I even had to work on New years eve, but luckily its was only until half seven so i got to go buy just one more package of fireworks before shop close. Me and Kin kin went to near by shop s' parking place to fire our fireworks. I had bought Kin Kin a kid s' package of different kinds of crackers and bombs also i bought a Family Pack too plus one package of cannons that shot straight up all kinds of colors, but most surprising was how good were the small size rockets from the Family pack i always assume that they are pretty lame. They turned out to be really good and with a nice Bang. We went to swimming with Tommi my school friend and his girlfriend Reetta to Seinäjoki s' own swimming facility, but Kin Kin was bit unhappy about wearing common swimming suit that had been wear by other. In the end she did agreed to wear this one time since Tommi and Reetta came along :D

 Now this weeks program is to get our both Visa and Passport renewed from the police station so that i can get visa to China and Kin Kin gets a permit for longer stay in Finland on her Visa and then its back to do some few last things in school and start to prepare for Three month period exchange in Shanghai,China. :D I can't wait, but what i hear day by day from my Kin kin its seems that China or Shanghai is not great place after all, but i still trying to be optimistic about it. This will be my second exchange program and i hope this will give my a slight an edge on the work markets. I'm positive that Kin Kin can get easily and really good job here in Finland since she is a translator in her work script. There so much asking from good translator here Finland in big corporation and companies that are shipping,marketing or trading in Japan and China their products.

Well That is all for this time i ll keep in touch you guys again really soon ;)


Saturday, December 10, 2011

Troubles in heaven

Well its been already over a week since i picked Kin Kin from the airport and she is been here in Finland with me. Everything went really well with my parents and relatives when they met her in person. We still got little problems with speaking of course since my Language is not the easiest to learn in few days or any other language, but since she can speak English pretty well and all my generations relatives can speak it too relatively good too so i don't have to translate all what they ask about her or she answer  to them.
Now after living in my school town and in my apartment we have somewhat settled down, but currently we are having trouble with our marriage. It would seem that we are apparently missing one paper which has been approve by Finnish official and stamped, but when i looked up what other couples had to do and take with them to the Magistracy to get married and they only needed to bring the paper which they got from the Chinese Embassy ,girl s' passport and the official request paper with both signed. Anyways we called the embassy about our situation and they said that they help us to make things right for us two so that we can get our background check underway and hopefully we can get here officially married. We have already bought our rings too and are just waiting to until we can decide the day when we get married so that we can go get our rings engraved.

First days we were with my mother and her boyfriend in town called Valkeakoski which would be in English Whitewater :) Also we visit my elder brother in Turku which was fun to meet after one year when i was gone in Japan. There we went to eat in this really nice restaurant and had some of the tastiest grilled meet i ever have eaten, but those pieces were so small that kin kin i got that we ended up still bit hungry after eating them, but luckily brother and his girlfriend took lamp meat which came in big bowls so they gave us those meat that they left. After we had eat we took taxi to brother s' apartment again and drink a little evening coffee and little snack before going to sleep. In next morning we had breakfast and prepared to go to city to see Turku 's main Church and the Christmas market where they had even Santa visiting and Kin Kin wanted to go give her present request to him and  i think she was little too old for that :P In market they had so much  Finnish traditional food and craftsman ornaments that she had to stop and try everything she saw there :) which was so adorable <3 to watch since this is her first time to visit western world or country and when we arrived at both mother and brother apartments those times she was so happy been first time in western or Finnish house. :)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

One n Half week til heaven drops a gift

Well only one and half week to go until heaven drop 's the best gift one could ever get. <3 My girlfriend arrives 1st of December here in Finland at 23.50 and i am going to see her at the airport when she i arrives. Oh i can't wait to see her again and be with her. That reminds me that i have to go police station to renew my passport that i can go to china meet her family there next years' January for a week. To do that i better fill my application for Tourist Visa to China, because i have no idea how long it will take them to process it. Last week and half were so busy at work i had to go to there all most everyday since there was like super long line cars waiting for to get their cars cleaned. I even had to work yesterday too on Sunday and the whole day me and my friend worked our butts off the whole time were open. I gotta take this day free time my limbs are just about done for and i woke this morning and felt that i could not bend my finger too well.

Today the season s' first snow has fell, but day is still kind warm so its melting relatively fast even thou i hope we could have big snow fall until Christmas so it would be white one like last year here in Finland when i was still in Japan with my plus one degree warm weather,but i think would wanna pass on the -30 Celsius... the last time i experienced that kind of cold weather was about four years ago in army services and MAN those days were cold as hell. I thought few times that i will lose my those or senses of them. Plus i had to be the holidays in stand by unit which lasted through Christmas. Uuh does were days when boys became men or just broke down like sand cake and few actually quit after first month and went to social service for 1,5 year. That what our country offers 6-12 months army, 18 months of social service or 6 weeks in jail for total denial.  

Thinking back now the army wasn't that bad it had it better days which were quite rare to be, but normal it would just be crap all the time even as officer in command. School in the other is best thing since sliced bread, which they sell in Japan like nothing else... seriously in my year there i did not see whole breads anywhere. Well they are rice based society.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Part time Job

Wuhuu i got one extra money source for myself in these every expensive times. My cousin talked his boss at his current job and convinced him to hire me to this car washing work which is a bit far and i only have my bicycle as my transportation from here to there, but the thankfully i need to go there on weekends and sometimes when  there is a crowd and they need extra hand. So they call me or sent message to my phone and i bike there as soon as i can or are able to leave school in same cases. The best part is that when they call me to come as extra hand i get plus 2 hours extra to my working hours as "thank you for coming to help", so if they call me at 1 pm and i get there by 2 pm and work there to 9 pm which normal would be 7 hours of work, but been extra  "helping hand" i get 9 hours worth of pay :) Now i only hope to get Sunday work shifts as extra helper so that i would get two extra hours double pay ;)

 Anyways i have only two months left of my theoretic classes and then its only work practice and thesis which still in process of deciding what,where and when.  I have a few idea that i could start to prepare to work on as thesis, but i still need few other things to clear out before i can go give my focus idea to my department s' headmaster who approve these things and select a suitable teacher as adviser and director for it.  Somehow i wish i could get my Swedish class passed, because its been like ages since i spoke at least decent Swedish at all, so that is why i am trying to get the basic grammar and vocab back into my head otherwise my graduation is gonna take for ever.

Today was working again from 9 am to 2 pm a normal shift and came back to my apartment totally beat. My legs and back hurt so much from all the physical work that i had to do there plus the 6 km bike drive every time to work and back. Now i hope that tomorrow will be quiet day at work so that i can heal little bit better and my joints can rest for awhile too.  

Monday, November 7, 2011

getting colder and colder

Well these two weeks has gone like flying in the wind so to speak. I really can't figure out how i am going to complete my classes now that every single one that i need to do still are only in this 2nd period plus they all overlap with them self. The exchange year was great and i would not change that to anything, but MAN those my schools teachers doesn't have any sense in their heads putting students in to exchange programs and not even try to consider that they need actual compensation from the classes and not just voluntary classes that you can choose yourself. This will puss mine and other graduation further from the planned date. Sometime i really wonder if the class planner that designs these which days and what time is every teachers classes knows what she or he is doing at all.

Oh well can't really do anything about that so I'll just talk to teacher about the them and ask for some paper work that i can do on my free time. I really hope that i can pass all my necessary classes in this period so that i would only have my work practice and my thesis to build and write. and hopefully graduate sometime in next spring or fall. 

All thou i have had such fun time disguising with my cousin about my girl and things that follows her coming here to living with me. This will definitely make life much more interesting and full of unexpected events that i haven't really planned to do in two to three years still. We use to talk about our plans of getting girls and etc,but now we just talk about upcoming things that will change my and family s' way of thinking quite a bit :D I am not even so what they really think about me having like foreign girl as my partner and spouse even thou i did say to them that i m going to get one one day, but still they can be little weird about it for at least awhile, but that is okay for me for time being.

Prrr----r here in Finland it is getting like colder each passing day and darker too :S we only have like 5-degree Celsius and days are just getting shorter by the day. I think that we have only 8 hours of sunlight and by the time its chrismass we only have probably like 2-3 hours of light per day so its getting really dark and that is why i hope could have freezing temperature soon and one big snow shower that would give at least a bit brighter view to day and night :)  

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Test over n out

wooh no more exams for a while anymore :D thank god if there anything i really don't like its exams. I mean those are just waist of time and they don't really tell how good the students is in that area, but oh well we live in quite comparative world where everyone has to be either better or worse than the others. Seriously think about it you will find out that nothings really good enough for us ever.

Last week we had this fall vacation which was surprisingly over really fast, but when i think about it i didn't do that much to talk about.... :P

Somehow life here is really boring its not like don't have money to go place here, but it is just that i got so few friends here that i can hang out with so there isn't not much to do around here.
I thougt i put some old pictures from my year in japan.
Me and Antonia at chiba park
Kanda-temple shrine
capsule hotel in osaka (no tattoos in our house)
Our little chrismass party by me :D
Chie and Klaas :) Chiba-shrine
Chiba beach near chiba tower

Monday, October 17, 2011

New Phase of life

Lately i have been thinking changing my career to professional photographer, but i realize that it would take much time and effort to be able to take and edit photos so that i would look just right or how the client want them, but since i have basically all the need equipment for taking and editing i thought i would give it shot.
I work with my photos from my time in japan and some of them came out pretty nice all thou some did not change from my editing at all, but that just shows that i might be to soft and careful around editing or just no skill :P
This week i am going some information searching in the KELA which is my country s' public social security organization that handles non-worker support and student support issues to ask what supports can my girlfriend get when she moves to live permanently with me.
Her arrival should is one big operation which makes me life bit more lively than it use to be until now. It is going to be a lot of paper work to get our daily lives in order with all this immigration things and etc.

I got to say that i never would had guess that i would get a girl so fast like i did. All of the sudden just before i was leaving japan the girl i thought was only just a friend ended up deciding come after me month after i have returned to my home country.

Here in Finland is starting to get colder day by day and i got building up works which i think i should finish before they end up slowing down my graduation. Next year s' main target for me is to get in to this Vulcanus-program that sends European students to Japan into companies as interns, if i would get in to that i would have awesome chance to get job in export, imports or international relation with different companies in both ends.
Oh i so miss Japan and my exchanges' friends in that time. I would do anything to get to live that whole year all over again without changing a thing. Maybe i will meet them some time again and hopefully they will remember what we all went through in Japan in that one year.

It is kind of funny to see that i am the first and youngest  one of three brothers that is going to be engaged to girl   even my brothers are like five and six years older than me, but middle one is that kind of person that don't want to stay in one place too long and is always on the road going around the Europe and North countries and the eldest don't want to be tied to girl just yet even they been together more then five years. :D

Monday, October 10, 2011

Final part of Exchange in Chiba Uni

After one week of editing and 3 hours of my second and the last part of the my adventures in japan is complete

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Big ones and small ones

To school and back again this is how my days go by pretty much everyday now that i am stabilized myself to Finnish food and days as they come. Seriously i haven't find anything to do these few days other than find myself making and editing my last part of my exchange year in japan.
It is funny find that my days go by so fast when i m concentrating on making my video of my travels in japan and laugh time to time when remember back at those days and all the things we did with our little group of friends over the year.

But anyways back school i m currently learning how to operate these small and big robots so that i can use them in my future work perhaps or design something with them. Here in my school we have two types of robots and both are all so from different companies and manufactures. The big one is from company called ABB which is huge industrial robot maker in Europe and  small is from company called Motoman which is from Japan and is design for smaller objects movements than ABB s' robot that can carry up to 16kg of weight, but the Motoman s' is only up 2-5kg of weight.

Our school s' Motoman is this type of robot  but older model :)
And the ABB s' Robot looks like this
  We use and practice with these two three time a week in simulations and real life, since most of our work includes these types of robot design.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Farewells for second time

Yesterday i said the second time to my Japanese friends goodbyes their final presentation were yesterday too so i went look that too which was really well done. A Japanese research group come to Seinäjoki about two weeks ago to work in cooperation with Finnish students as four person team to invent new kind of device for health care and nursing in effort to easier elderly peoples lives. 
I have to say that they in invent and design really good products which would definitively make life easier to old people,nurses and doctors to deal with problems and situations which could come everyday life.

First Team idea was to build an area or building where all generations could be together and have meals or anything else what there can be to entertain the people. Like dancing, playing bingo or some else what pops to mind. They even showed us a small paper doll animation of the action and application of this facility.

Second team idea was build a really handy device which could take all the necessary measurements that the old people needs to checks daily bases to keep their health condition good and it gives the nurses as well as the doctors the information to see their health and the possible problem to that is making them sick or unable move. Also this could be taken with you on travels so that you are not restricted to use it in your own house only since it would have internet as Wifi- connection to local hospitals and care take-centers.

 Third teams' idea took different approach to the problem and came up with relatively small wristwatch size device that could have all the abilities that would be need to see how your heart is doing and if you have fever which would be dangerous to old people.    

Final Fourth teams' idea to design and build a similar look and usage as ipads, but with enough simplified interface that old people and not so old people are able to understand how it work and are able to operate it  without difficult instructions and guidance also it would had sort intelligence that would interact with the user suggesting and reminding when to take medicine.     

 Final fourth team approach was to improve the elderly peoples memory so that their mind and memory wont go bad when they have something to remind them about what they have seen and heard but most experienced in their lives.   

Jun-san as the Technic 

School president giving certification of completion of the course 

Our whole group picture (some people are missing from this photo)
our Japanese Friends Singing hanamizuki-song in japanese

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Package from the Past

Tuesday morning i found a happy surprise in my mailbox there was a mail arrival notice ticket for me about my package i sent two month in Japan to mu current address to here in Finland. It was nice to have my stuff back after two months.  
After two months it has arrived
Package from me to me xD
Ah all the things i miss a lot and finaly got them back
Now i am trying to catch up all the studies i miss when took a week my own vacation in the Grete. Today i got to control a industrial robot first time and it was ton of fun.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

From sunshine to Rain

Well i am back from my vacation from Grete and from the sunshine. Now i have to catch up on what the others has done in this last week i was away, but anyways lets get started what happened on the one week in Grete.
The departure day was bit nerve wrecking like most of the time when u have to way until you should go to the airport from where you live and stuff, then there is the check-in 's and other security things to go through.

Well after all the waiting and feeling the planes taking off the ground is always nice, since those time especially on your way to vacation you know it is going to be just sunshine, 27-degree, clear sky and poolside or ocean side with cocktail on the other hand and just laying there enjoying the good life. The next day was just sunbathing and swimming in the pool which was a little small,but big enough to swim in. Our hotel was 4km from the shore so no evening swimming or great night life without spending 12 euros on cab to get back after hours.   
Shot from town shore close to our hotel
Second day we decided to go to the new town on the shore which was like all the other new towns in Grete full of tourist stuff sales mans and stands selling expensive fake things. Only thing that were at least good there was the food, but it too was bit expensive since the Greek has been in serious debt last three to four years and now they have give up their luxury living with new cars among other things, which made them to do spike strike in airport control banning the Finnish airline from taking off for at last an hour or two.
 In the week me and my mother went to Agios Nicolaus city to swim in the ocean with a better beach, because the beach which is like closest to our is so damn small and really not good for just been on the sun and swimming. The beach was literary under the town and right next to it so every by passer can stop to stare at you on the balcony on top of the beach. Well it is not like they won't do that in the other beaches as well, but that was just not clean. After two hour swim and sunbathing we went to this small volcanic lake which was in fact a small crater from times the island was active of volcano 's
Agios Nicolaus
The little volcano lake
The lake from higher ground shot
   Wednesday we went to see my mothers' friend from work who also was in vacation in Grete, but they were on the other end of the island than we so we had to take three hours bus ride to there city, where i have been before few years back with my mothers' sister and grandma.
Agios Nicolas in the evening
Rainbow taken from the hotel
Old France port in Chania