Saturday, December 10, 2011

Troubles in heaven

Well its been already over a week since i picked Kin Kin from the airport and she is been here in Finland with me. Everything went really well with my parents and relatives when they met her in person. We still got little problems with speaking of course since my Language is not the easiest to learn in few days or any other language, but since she can speak English pretty well and all my generations relatives can speak it too relatively good too so i don't have to translate all what they ask about her or she answer  to them.
Now after living in my school town and in my apartment we have somewhat settled down, but currently we are having trouble with our marriage. It would seem that we are apparently missing one paper which has been approve by Finnish official and stamped, but when i looked up what other couples had to do and take with them to the Magistracy to get married and they only needed to bring the paper which they got from the Chinese Embassy ,girl s' passport and the official request paper with both signed. Anyways we called the embassy about our situation and they said that they help us to make things right for us two so that we can get our background check underway and hopefully we can get here officially married. We have already bought our rings too and are just waiting to until we can decide the day when we get married so that we can go get our rings engraved.

First days we were with my mother and her boyfriend in town called Valkeakoski which would be in English Whitewater :) Also we visit my elder brother in Turku which was fun to meet after one year when i was gone in Japan. There we went to eat in this really nice restaurant and had some of the tastiest grilled meet i ever have eaten, but those pieces were so small that kin kin i got that we ended up still bit hungry after eating them, but luckily brother and his girlfriend took lamp meat which came in big bowls so they gave us those meat that they left. After we had eat we took taxi to brother s' apartment again and drink a little evening coffee and little snack before going to sleep. In next morning we had breakfast and prepared to go to city to see Turku 's main Church and the Christmas market where they had even Santa visiting and Kin Kin wanted to go give her present request to him and  i think she was little too old for that :P In market they had so much  Finnish traditional food and craftsman ornaments that she had to stop and try everything she saw there :) which was so adorable <3 to watch since this is her first time to visit western world or country and when we arrived at both mother and brother apartments those times she was so happy been first time in western or Finnish house. :)

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