Thursday, September 15, 2011

Calling of the white beach

Well tomorrow its trip to airport and off to Greece at 4.30am tomorrow morning.
Its gonna be just sunshine and white beaches with clear see through ocean. Nothing is gonna be so relaxing than laying on the beach in the evening with 25-dergee Celsius with Long Island Ice tea, but have to be somewhat careful that i don't burn myself like i did back in japan when me and my friends went to Japanese Swimming pool or water park. That time i burned myself to the crisp literary and have to suffer from it for one whole week to recover enough to put on a shirt without that i hurting my shoulders like hell.

This few day this has been nothing but rain and only in the night time there has been some clear skies and dry sessions. I m also still hoping that my polarized filter will be in my mailbox when i go back to my apartment after school so that i can take really good beach picture in Greece.

I took some photos near my school yesterday testing my new 200mm lens. Which turned out quite well :)
Inside of my school 
Funny quiz : what is this picture of?
Apple tree next my apartment building
some kind of rose
Fall is coming or has it all ready :)
thown coffee cup

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