Sunday, July 8, 2012

Scorching heat and thunderstoms

Well the first month of practical work training is behind and only 7 weeks to go until it is back to Finland. At this point i really miss the the nice cool weathers back home. This extreme 35 C* heat for 24/7 and the whole month is already taking its tall on me and the next two remaining months will propably kill me, since i have already become more skinnier in these four months than what i got in the whole year in Japan. I am starting to get headache every time i step outside even for short time. Yesterday i made my longest period been outside when i went to see this water-light show nearby Jinji-lake. It took me an hour to walk there. Thankfully sun sets here pretty fast so i when i got there the sun had almost set already. I took some photos while i was walking around, but realized that there were way too many people to take even half decent shots so i just went trigger happy with shutter button and took photos here and there.
I don't have any major changes to talk about or activites because of the working hours of the company are from 9am to 5.30pm and the bus ride to there takes half an hour so every weeks day i come back to my apartment arou 6.15pm. Then it is dinner and after shower the time is already 7.30pm.
Plus the Sun rises here 5am in the morning and locals starts their day at 6am which makes it impossible for me to sleep enough on weekends. Only good thing is that they go sleep around 10pm so i get at least sometimes decent sleep. One thing i noticed that on my way back at lwast like 15 people horned their e-bikes when they passed me even though i wasn't on the way. Also i don't mind if girls are looking at me while they walk pass me, but guys don't just keep looking at me they stare at me like they are about to do something bad or just swearing in their heads.
Huge Ants has appeared