Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas an new year

Well Christmas, New year eve and day come and went with such hassling on both sides when me and Kin Kin went to spent the holidays with my parents and family. This day is good to be only once in a year because my aunt gave us a insane big present which had almost the whole kitchen wear and more. That was not the worst part because the worst that we had to take it back my apartment and it weight a ton with frying pans,cooking pots and few things for baking. Argh :D But somehow we made back with our present to my apartment thanks to my friend Tommi who was kind enough to pick us up from train station and drive us to home.
Going to Magistracy
At Magistracy waiting for our turn to be announced to be married couple <3
Taking our vows
Newly Weds Vierula 's and my two School friends Tommi and Risto
After the Christmas day at my grandma s' home me and Kin Kin went my father s' home to celebrate our marriage with some of my family that were able to come on the next Monday after Christmas. Father women friend insisted that we hold a party for us so we held little cafe party with cake and chocolates etc. Both my godfather and aunt came to there too which was so fun to see my godfather after like six or more years. Everybody made kind of joke of our marriage saying that i brought a bit more from Japan than language skills and pictures of my adventures there, but that's okay and i didn't mind it since its been quite a long time since some went to marriage in our family line so they were really happy about our union and that the fact she really sweet and adorable little girl from other side of the big blue and green ball.

Since had to work on the few last days we decided to come back to Seinäjoki on Monday after the cafe party for our union. I had all most the whole week work cut out for me and more since every time the weather goes to below zero and its starts to freeze so everybody wants to clean their cars hoping that wound stay freezing. Well that okay with me since its means more work and money for me. I even had to work on New years eve, but luckily its was only until half seven so i got to go buy just one more package of fireworks before shop close. Me and Kin kin went to near by shop s' parking place to fire our fireworks. I had bought Kin Kin a kid s' package of different kinds of crackers and bombs also i bought a Family Pack too plus one package of cannons that shot straight up all kinds of colors, but most surprising was how good were the small size rockets from the Family pack i always assume that they are pretty lame. They turned out to be really good and with a nice Bang. We went to swimming with Tommi my school friend and his girlfriend Reetta to Seinäjoki s' own swimming facility, but Kin Kin was bit unhappy about wearing common swimming suit that had been wear by other. In the end she did agreed to wear this one time since Tommi and Reetta came along :D

 Now this weeks program is to get our both Visa and Passport renewed from the police station so that i can get visa to China and Kin Kin gets a permit for longer stay in Finland on her Visa and then its back to do some few last things in school and start to prepare for Three month period exchange in Shanghai,China. :D I can't wait, but what i hear day by day from my Kin kin its seems that China or Shanghai is not great place after all, but i still trying to be optimistic about it. This will be my second exchange program and i hope this will give my a slight an edge on the work markets. I'm positive that Kin Kin can get easily and really good job here in Finland since she is a translator in her work script. There so much asking from good translator here Finland in big corporation and companies that are shipping,marketing or trading in Japan and China their products.

Well That is all for this time i ll keep in touch you guys again really soon ;)


Saturday, December 10, 2011

Troubles in heaven

Well its been already over a week since i picked Kin Kin from the airport and she is been here in Finland with me. Everything went really well with my parents and relatives when they met her in person. We still got little problems with speaking of course since my Language is not the easiest to learn in few days or any other language, but since she can speak English pretty well and all my generations relatives can speak it too relatively good too so i don't have to translate all what they ask about her or she answer  to them.
Now after living in my school town and in my apartment we have somewhat settled down, but currently we are having trouble with our marriage. It would seem that we are apparently missing one paper which has been approve by Finnish official and stamped, but when i looked up what other couples had to do and take with them to the Magistracy to get married and they only needed to bring the paper which they got from the Chinese Embassy ,girl s' passport and the official request paper with both signed. Anyways we called the embassy about our situation and they said that they help us to make things right for us two so that we can get our background check underway and hopefully we can get here officially married. We have already bought our rings too and are just waiting to until we can decide the day when we get married so that we can go get our rings engraved.

First days we were with my mother and her boyfriend in town called Valkeakoski which would be in English Whitewater :) Also we visit my elder brother in Turku which was fun to meet after one year when i was gone in Japan. There we went to eat in this really nice restaurant and had some of the tastiest grilled meet i ever have eaten, but those pieces were so small that kin kin i got that we ended up still bit hungry after eating them, but luckily brother and his girlfriend took lamp meat which came in big bowls so they gave us those meat that they left. After we had eat we took taxi to brother s' apartment again and drink a little evening coffee and little snack before going to sleep. In next morning we had breakfast and prepared to go to city to see Turku 's main Church and the Christmas market where they had even Santa visiting and Kin Kin wanted to go give her present request to him and  i think she was little too old for that :P In market they had so much  Finnish traditional food and craftsman ornaments that she had to stop and try everything she saw there :) which was so adorable <3 to watch since this is her first time to visit western world or country and when we arrived at both mother and brother apartments those times she was so happy been first time in western or Finnish house. :)