Monday, March 5, 2012

Flight to Shanghai

Well i got here in Shanghai some how and it is rain 24/7 at the moment here. My wife were at the airport to receive me and we took the bus to our place from the bus station. This city and country is way different than Japan. If china was even 1/4th of Japan s'  level it would be much better place travel and live for short time. In Copenhagen i had to wait for 3 hours because they didn't have plane in time and the one which came from Beijing was 2 hours late. Even the airplane s' captain told that the last crew had problems at China s' end before they left for Copenhagen.

Now i been here resting a bit before i start going to lectures for Chinese language and stuff. First thing that i noticed that in China if you are traveling by yourself be aware of local con-artist,cheaters and all the other bad people, but don't worry there are still decent people in here too who go by the roles just like in japan and any develop country.  

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