Sunday, August 28, 2011

continue the school works

Well i have settled down in my new apartment in seinäjoki and preparing for school to begin. Apparently i have start to figure out the topic or thing which i am going to make my thesis about.  I was told by own school adviser to start finding a place to work at my practice points which cover 30 points of total points.

Last two days was rainy so i ll could do was just sit in my room and trying to figure out how i going decorate my room that it has more than my low table,bed, and compure desk....
Argh somehow i go so use to that small room in japan that now i feel i have too much space in my room, because i can actually walk in  circle in room still with room to spare....

Back in japan its still as hot as hell i bet, but here in finland its getting really cool in a few weeks. Somehow there
is not that much to do here yesterday me and my cousin were chatting almost all day and trying to figure out what to do, but in the end we  went from place to place just hang out or drinking coffee all day. Then i found he had found too a girl and starting to go out with her. All thou my girl is still in japan, but we are planning her transfer to my country within this year if everything goes smoothly.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Waiting for .....

Well i have moved to my new student apartment in seinäjoki near my school, but now it seems that i have a ton of clearing up to do to figure out how my own studies are going to continue from now on. I was but surprised how little i had things.

Anyways right now i m trying to think where i could get evening work or daily work as part-time worker. I have decided that i will work for my next trip to japan as vacation for few weeks or more, depending how much i have school to do this year. Today there was really thigh mist outside and i couldn't see more than 10 meters or less. Well now its kind of moist the air, but when the first real cold comes all that moist is going to transform into ice on to trees and everything else.

Now i m just waiting my certificate of passing from Chiba University at least two months to arrive here to my school adviser. So that they can determinate how much i get points from my studies in Japan and in the mean while i got to figure out what classes i going to take now that my own class which i was in when i got in to my own school has disperse to work on their internships for the thesis or just the points to graduate. Which leaves my on my own to jump basically from one class to another which has the class that i need still to study. The problem comes in my own studies, because they need that paper to calculate my points and add them to my own schools system and before that there is still my own field of studies that i have to learn still. So right now i only have option to try to retake my few failed class this two months.

Well that is ti for today s update, i ll keep u posted when my school starts again here back home.   

Sunday, August 21, 2011

getting ready for moving

Well now i have visited my family and showed them my story from japan. So only thing to is packing my stuff to trailer and into car which isn't that much. Last time when i moved out from my last apartment i had only enough to fill one Ford Grand Victoria model family car. Its was big car so all my stuff fit inside, but this time i think i have to use a trailer too.

Last night was the first one that i had a good sleep since i came back to Finland, it feels still kind of strange to feel cold in the night, because it was so hot all the time in japan. I even had stomach pains from eating so strong Finnish food so soon and had to got to the toiler every few hours. I still kind of have pains from eating too much to grow my stomach size a bit that i can start my common eating routine. I m also starting to swimming and weight lifting when i got back to my school town and my apartment.  My goal is to have at least kind of ribbed body end of next years spring.  All thou it taste pretty bad i m thinking to start drinking every morning to raw eggs to get enough protein to build muscle.

Tomorrow is loading day for all my stuff that i had in my old apartment and need to move to my new one.
Today i saw my old middle school friend which i hadn't seen in awhile, since we graduated from middle school. It was nice to catch up with him after this year that i have been in japan.

well thats it for today s' update on my home life.. see ya all later

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Alright i have returned to Finland after painful 20 hours of flight and i am not still sure that i really experienced that exchange year,because it still feels like dream to me. Time flew by so fast, that i am thinking what i did in that one year living in Japan. Looking all the photos i took over the year living there helps me to keeps my memories alive and also cheers me always to do my best all thou it will take some time to get use to this normal student life here in Finland again, but i will keep giving my 110% to this year on my own studies and keep learning Japanese language by myself and probably go Japanese lessons again in my school s' town even thou they are beginners level, but it helps to keep my Japanese at least going and somewhat on edge.

Now i have to wait until October to get my final certification of graduation from Chiba university. About my studies in there and the classes i took both semesters. I was bit worried for awhile about pass few lessons, because i missed a few classes at the end and in one test i didn't have my electric-dictionary with me so i had to kind guess what the questions were about, but when i went ask me teacher about the test he said that i passed it, which gave me a huge relief.

Ok this week is going to be just about seeing my family and friends before i go back to my school town, which is three hour car ride from my parents place to city where my school is. I know they are probably overjoyed seeing me after a year, but i still kind of regrouping myself and getting my normal day routine back what i use to have when i was studying before going to Japan.

Well anyways i got to run, so i will keep you posted.
Until next time