Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Zhangjiajie aka Avatar-mountain City

Well the last week in school was cleaning and sending our things to Xin Xin s' mother in Harbin. We went to Zhangjiajie- city to meet my wife s' High school friends who hadn't seen her in two or more years. She send me to see Avatar-mountains on my own and just phone me or i to her if there was somethings didn't understand what the guide was asking or telling me. This paid trip was 1000rmb which is in euros 125. It was good deal for five day trip with meals and hotel, but i had to pay more for some things like ticket to musical dance performance and the lift-ticket to go to top of the avatar-mountain plateau among other little cost which ended up taking all my 800rmb which had for buying things that i can bring with me to Finland, but anyways it was overall a great trip and the first three days that i was there i went with this tour-group and oh my GOD xD. Those people were like so funny, because when my wife asked the guide to make sure that i didn't get lost he probably said to the whole group that the white guy don't speak any Chinese so if there is someone with a English skills try to explain to him and keep an eye on him so that he won't get lost. So for the whole time i was with this group one half of the bus looked after me and two of the younger girls that were from shanghai spoke enough English to tell me to follow them and where and when we are going. On the first day my group visited this old town where they made the (i think) silver rings and the all the other accessories that including the head piece of the traditional dress of the Zhangjiajie women and also we walked this insanely long path from the top to this little resting place where they had thank goodness this sightseeing train that cost 30rmb, but my legs were done for so i took it to the bus stop. The bus took us to the starting point again and we went to eat dinner near our hotel which was really low budget one :D but that was okay. Dinner on the other hand was really something else, because even i was getting used to the spicy stuff that definitely hit the spot for me. After dinner we went to se musical dance performance which of course had some bushu in it :).
Fourth day after taking the little car long way to an ancient city and meeting up my personal guide for the day, she took me to see this really beautiful old canal city which name i forgot. That was quite different for Suzhou or Hangzhou in a good way. After seeing the places and little show on day time we went to have one drink each in this bar next to the river while waiting the night to come and Wow it was really great suprise to see the whole river on both sides lighted up with all these lights. It was definitly worht seeing place. Last day she put me again in bus to that took me with another group to the last tour place which was a huge awesome waterfall.

*This pictures don't have spesific timeline, so they are in the order i put them in here :P