Thursday, September 29, 2011

Package from the Past

Tuesday morning i found a happy surprise in my mailbox there was a mail arrival notice ticket for me about my package i sent two month in Japan to mu current address to here in Finland. It was nice to have my stuff back after two months.  
After two months it has arrived
Package from me to me xD
Ah all the things i miss a lot and finaly got them back
Now i am trying to catch up all the studies i miss when took a week my own vacation in the Grete. Today i got to control a industrial robot first time and it was ton of fun.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

From sunshine to Rain

Well i am back from my vacation from Grete and from the sunshine. Now i have to catch up on what the others has done in this last week i was away, but anyways lets get started what happened on the one week in Grete.
The departure day was bit nerve wrecking like most of the time when u have to way until you should go to the airport from where you live and stuff, then there is the check-in 's and other security things to go through.

Well after all the waiting and feeling the planes taking off the ground is always nice, since those time especially on your way to vacation you know it is going to be just sunshine, 27-degree, clear sky and poolside or ocean side with cocktail on the other hand and just laying there enjoying the good life. The next day was just sunbathing and swimming in the pool which was a little small,but big enough to swim in. Our hotel was 4km from the shore so no evening swimming or great night life without spending 12 euros on cab to get back after hours.   
Shot from town shore close to our hotel
Second day we decided to go to the new town on the shore which was like all the other new towns in Grete full of tourist stuff sales mans and stands selling expensive fake things. Only thing that were at least good there was the food, but it too was bit expensive since the Greek has been in serious debt last three to four years and now they have give up their luxury living with new cars among other things, which made them to do spike strike in airport control banning the Finnish airline from taking off for at last an hour or two.
 In the week me and my mother went to Agios Nicolaus city to swim in the ocean with a better beach, because the beach which is like closest to our is so damn small and really not good for just been on the sun and swimming. The beach was literary under the town and right next to it so every by passer can stop to stare at you on the balcony on top of the beach. Well it is not like they won't do that in the other beaches as well, but that was just not clean. After two hour swim and sunbathing we went to this small volcanic lake which was in fact a small crater from times the island was active of volcano 's
Agios Nicolaus
The little volcano lake
The lake from higher ground shot
   Wednesday we went to see my mothers' friend from work who also was in vacation in Grete, but they were on the other end of the island than we so we had to take three hours bus ride to there city, where i have been before few years back with my mothers' sister and grandma.
Agios Nicolas in the evening
Rainbow taken from the hotel
Old France port in Chania

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Calling of the white beach

Well tomorrow its trip to airport and off to Greece at 4.30am tomorrow morning.
Its gonna be just sunshine and white beaches with clear see through ocean. Nothing is gonna be so relaxing than laying on the beach in the evening with 25-dergee Celsius with Long Island Ice tea, but have to be somewhat careful that i don't burn myself like i did back in japan when me and my friends went to Japanese Swimming pool or water park. That time i burned myself to the crisp literary and have to suffer from it for one whole week to recover enough to put on a shirt without that i hurting my shoulders like hell.

This few day this has been nothing but rain and only in the night time there has been some clear skies and dry sessions. I m also still hoping that my polarized filter will be in my mailbox when i go back to my apartment after school so that i can take really good beach picture in Greece.

I took some photos near my school yesterday testing my new 200mm lens. Which turned out quite well :)
Inside of my school 
Funny quiz : what is this picture of?
Apple tree next my apartment building
some kind of rose
Fall is coming or has it all ready :)
thown coffee cup

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Still normal pics or 3D 's

Hello there everyone
It is time to keep you people update what is happening on Finland 's end and what is the action about. First thing of business is that i got my Lens Filters from Canada Tuesday which had a variety of Filters and some of them had very interesting features which some of i didn't see them on the list which was on eBay where  i bought the set. I'll show some of the filter effects here:
1st one was Dual Field-filter which allow to take both close and far which normal would be either the far background or the close object is blur, but with this it takes both sharp.

2nd was FL-day filter which Used to correct the greenish tone that appears when daylight type films are used under fluorescent lighting.
FL-DAY is for use with daylight type fluorescent lamps.

I was so thrilled about getting those filter and all the cool gadget's that came with package. That i started to taking pictures right away. I even tried to take some 3-dimension pictures too which turned out better than i thought even i took them with one camera, but non-moving objects are easy to take by moving are impossible :P   
Well i am not yet a professional photographer or anything, but as a hobby i like doing this and even my girl back in japan said that i am better taking pictures than pros in China XD
here is some pictures i took while testing my Filters:
Small hills' top near my school in 3D
this a photo a my figure that won in japan with macro close-up lens +10

On Wednesday we had our annual SAMOs' opening event which a our schools' student organization that drive students ideas trough to our teachers and makes them listen what our students thinks and want to do to better our school liveliness so that it would be nice place to study and learn stuff. This event is design to welcome our new starting students to our school and make them enjoy their student lives here.
 Rest of the week has been quite normal school work and preparing to decide what to make as the thesis and where or which company. There quite many companies that what students to solve their problems which they don't have the time or education on workers to solve it, so  we here pick one project that interest us in that area and start thinking solution for it and building the product or present the ideas when we think that it should work the best.

Also going back to photographing i bought myself a final lens for my camera which ended up been Sigma s' 55-200mm Lens what turned to be very good price and quality ratio in most of the testing sites. :)

Saturday, September 3, 2011

One week up n gone

Well my first school week back here in Finland was unexpectedly normal, only thing that is missing is my old school class which i started with my friends, but anyways can't have always everything right. Now i m just thinking to a way to kill time since its weekend. On the week i started with half year earlier started class than myself and year later too so that i can catch up on my studies which i probably can't transfer from my japan s'
school points, which was kind of expected since i didn't have any classes that were on my own area of studies in Chiba university.

Monday i was with the class that start half year earlier than my class n the subject was machine automation 2, which about programing small size machinery with logic s and computer program. It was kind of fun to do these things again after year been gone and just studying Japanese with English. After we finished our last me and two of my school friends from the older class went to have after school beers at two of our town s' bars. Its was funny that i spent only 5 euros, but bought two beers in total which were 4,5euros both. The thing was that i won my money back on coin game with my 50 cent :D
 After been sometime and drinking our drinks we went to my friend s' place to continue our afternoon drinking and watching pictures from their exchange in Germany a half year. While watching them i became to think that my drinking session in japan was nothing to compare to their s' evening parties almost every second day :D

Tuesday was first full day in school that we have in this semester or season with same that we had on Monday plus two other subjects computer aided manufacturing and robotics. The robotics class n the Monday s'  class were one of the new subjects that i gotta study in this semester. I had few other too,but those to were mother language and some project studies which i m gonna miss after next week too since i going to Greek on Friday morning n going to be there for one week in sunshine and +25 degree weather, but for now i m still in my room cleaning it and design a new shelf for my TV and other small stuff that i have laying a around in my room.

Yesterday i went to the ski hill again with my bicycle to take some pictures of the rainbow and stuff.