Sunday, February 26, 2012

Update on things

I thought i would do video log and tell what has happened in sence the last update on my from the airport and the really cold days. :P

Here is some pictures from my apartment in Seinäjoki before and after major cleaning... i ll do the touch up cleaning today :P
My room Friday evening

Saturday evening

Monday, February 6, 2012

Freezing temperatures

It was kind lucky that i send kin kin to mothers place two days before hand because here freezing temperature is closing on -30 degree and the railway systems are already starting to malfunction. There has been so much delays already last week and they measured over -40 degree in east part of finland. This was even lower than few years back when they got -36.5 degree and all this caused by the cold air coming from Russia. All over Europe have been breakings in cold records over 100 years.

pic from our newsreport.

Yesterday and today i tried to start my cousin car which is kind old and not so reliable at these temperatures so... when i tried to start it just made few sound from the start engine and did not start so i just will go by bike and foot from now on :D  Well on the other hand i got shanghai with +40 degree in the summer so i really can't complain about been cold... cold you can fight with more clothes, but heat oh well to some degree with different clothes. Clothes protects somewhat from heat for awile. If it were choosing from -30 degree or +30 degree i would go for cold because u can fight with it more layers of warm couting. Extreme heat not really me thing... i am from nordic countries after all so no big heat waves from me thanks :P There was a new in british newspaper saying that melting polar ice near Russias' north coast is causing all this, since they are melting and allowing high pressure fronts to form.
I think all this is just because no one thought about cold winters or heat in the summer back in 1900 s'...
Ou well we might be able to save ourself if someone figures or invents new pure and clean energy besides wind,river,wood or nuclear (which is not a clean energy)...