Thursday, September 13, 2012

Back home alone

Its been almost two months since my last update. My return flight was even longer this time than from Japan. It was literally the most excruciating trip ever. Being in the Beijing airport was my longest hours ever. I went like three times over the same shops there and since i couldn't leave my bags any where,so i had to drag them the whole time with me. There was this really hot looking that keep looking at me for some strange reason, well i guess I'll never know now. In Frankfurt i had the same amount of time to wait again my final flight, but this time i was happy to notice that there were at least ten Japanese students or tourists coming to Finland with same plane as i was going. I don't know where they were headed in here, but most of the Japanese students go to Helsinki university or Jyväskylä university as exchange students.

 Left picture is from inside factory where we found funny stovaway in one of the products which were brought from hangzhou factory to suzhou. Right picture is from shuttle bus while going back from work.
Some of my work friends waiting for shuttle bus ride to home.
Airchina which was suprisingly silent flight comparing to other ones that i been.
Beijing airport waiting for luggage.
Wanted so bad to go that side, because it said flights to tokyo and osaka ),:
15.00 lunch at burger king
Frankfurt airport and group of Japanese going to Finland :) yay ^^
Been home almost two weeks and still hunting for apartment for us and doing the final works in school trying to graduate as soon as possible,but it seems that still a lot of stuff to do before that ...ugh ( ^^;) staying at cousin s' place until i find apartment. A bit small place for two people, but we get along great. I put Kin Kin in intensive Finnish courses to learn the language, hopping that she ll be good enough until Christmas's so that she won't fell so left out even i m translating for her when she wants and my folks can speak English pretty well, but its better that she can awnser herself in Finnish.