Sunday, August 28, 2011

continue the school works

Well i have settled down in my new apartment in seinäjoki and preparing for school to begin. Apparently i have start to figure out the topic or thing which i am going to make my thesis about.  I was told by own school adviser to start finding a place to work at my practice points which cover 30 points of total points.

Last two days was rainy so i ll could do was just sit in my room and trying to figure out how i going decorate my room that it has more than my low table,bed, and compure desk....
Argh somehow i go so use to that small room in japan that now i feel i have too much space in my room, because i can actually walk in  circle in room still with room to spare....

Back in japan its still as hot as hell i bet, but here in finland its getting really cool in a few weeks. Somehow there
is not that much to do here yesterday me and my cousin were chatting almost all day and trying to figure out what to do, but in the end we  went from place to place just hang out or drinking coffee all day. Then i found he had found too a girl and starting to go out with her. All thou my girl is still in japan, but we are planning her transfer to my country within this year if everything goes smoothly.

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