Sunday, August 21, 2011

getting ready for moving

Well now i have visited my family and showed them my story from japan. So only thing to is packing my stuff to trailer and into car which isn't that much. Last time when i moved out from my last apartment i had only enough to fill one Ford Grand Victoria model family car. Its was big car so all my stuff fit inside, but this time i think i have to use a trailer too.

Last night was the first one that i had a good sleep since i came back to Finland, it feels still kind of strange to feel cold in the night, because it was so hot all the time in japan. I even had stomach pains from eating so strong Finnish food so soon and had to got to the toiler every few hours. I still kind of have pains from eating too much to grow my stomach size a bit that i can start my common eating routine. I m also starting to swimming and weight lifting when i got back to my school town and my apartment.  My goal is to have at least kind of ribbed body end of next years spring.  All thou it taste pretty bad i m thinking to start drinking every morning to raw eggs to get enough protein to build muscle.

Tomorrow is loading day for all my stuff that i had in my old apartment and need to move to my new one.
Today i saw my old middle school friend which i hadn't seen in awhile, since we graduated from middle school. It was nice to catch up with him after this year that i have been in japan.

well thats it for today s' update on my home life.. see ya all later

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