Sunday, November 11, 2012

Hidden Jewels from good old times

I started to go through old video footage from my exchange year in japan and putting them online for Jpac friends to watch. there is quite many so it'll take time to edit them all and Youtube so i ll try to put at least 1-3 per every week.

So here is the first three clips from those times.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Back home alone

Its been almost two months since my last update. My return flight was even longer this time than from Japan. It was literally the most excruciating trip ever. Being in the Beijing airport was my longest hours ever. I went like three times over the same shops there and since i couldn't leave my bags any where,so i had to drag them the whole time with me. There was this really hot looking that keep looking at me for some strange reason, well i guess I'll never know now. In Frankfurt i had the same amount of time to wait again my final flight, but this time i was happy to notice that there were at least ten Japanese students or tourists coming to Finland with same plane as i was going. I don't know where they were headed in here, but most of the Japanese students go to Helsinki university or Jyväskylä university as exchange students.

 Left picture is from inside factory where we found funny stovaway in one of the products which were brought from hangzhou factory to suzhou. Right picture is from shuttle bus while going back from work.
Some of my work friends waiting for shuttle bus ride to home.
Airchina which was suprisingly silent flight comparing to other ones that i been.
Beijing airport waiting for luggage.
Wanted so bad to go that side, because it said flights to tokyo and osaka ),:
15.00 lunch at burger king
Frankfurt airport and group of Japanese going to Finland :) yay ^^
Been home almost two weeks and still hunting for apartment for us and doing the final works in school trying to graduate as soon as possible,but it seems that still a lot of stuff to do before that ...ugh ( ^^;) staying at cousin s' place until i find apartment. A bit small place for two people, but we get along great. I put Kin Kin in intensive Finnish courses to learn the language, hopping that she ll be good enough until Christmas's so that she won't fell so left out even i m translating for her when she wants and my folks can speak English pretty well, but its better that she can awnser herself in Finnish.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Scorching heat and thunderstoms

Well the first month of practical work training is behind and only 7 weeks to go until it is back to Finland. At this point i really miss the the nice cool weathers back home. This extreme 35 C* heat for 24/7 and the whole month is already taking its tall on me and the next two remaining months will propably kill me, since i have already become more skinnier in these four months than what i got in the whole year in Japan. I am starting to get headache every time i step outside even for short time. Yesterday i made my longest period been outside when i went to see this water-light show nearby Jinji-lake. It took me an hour to walk there. Thankfully sun sets here pretty fast so i when i got there the sun had almost set already. I took some photos while i was walking around, but realized that there were way too many people to take even half decent shots so i just went trigger happy with shutter button and took photos here and there.
I don't have any major changes to talk about or activites because of the working hours of the company are from 9am to 5.30pm and the bus ride to there takes half an hour so every weeks day i come back to my apartment arou 6.15pm. Then it is dinner and after shower the time is already 7.30pm.
Plus the Sun rises here 5am in the morning and locals starts their day at 6am which makes it impossible for me to sleep enough on weekends. Only good thing is that they go sleep around 10pm so i get at least sometimes decent sleep. One thing i noticed that on my way back at lwast like 15 people horned their e-bikes when they passed me even though i wasn't on the way. Also i don't mind if girls are looking at me while they walk pass me, but guys don't just keep looking at me they stare at me like they are about to do something bad or just swearing in their heads.
Huge Ants has appeared

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Zhangjiajie aka Avatar-mountain City

Well the last week in school was cleaning and sending our things to Xin Xin s' mother in Harbin. We went to Zhangjiajie- city to meet my wife s' High school friends who hadn't seen her in two or more years. She send me to see Avatar-mountains on my own and just phone me or i to her if there was somethings didn't understand what the guide was asking or telling me. This paid trip was 1000rmb which is in euros 125. It was good deal for five day trip with meals and hotel, but i had to pay more for some things like ticket to musical dance performance and the lift-ticket to go to top of the avatar-mountain plateau among other little cost which ended up taking all my 800rmb which had for buying things that i can bring with me to Finland, but anyways it was overall a great trip and the first three days that i was there i went with this tour-group and oh my GOD xD. Those people were like so funny, because when my wife asked the guide to make sure that i didn't get lost he probably said to the whole group that the white guy don't speak any Chinese so if there is someone with a English skills try to explain to him and keep an eye on him so that he won't get lost. So for the whole time i was with this group one half of the bus looked after me and two of the younger girls that were from shanghai spoke enough English to tell me to follow them and where and when we are going. On the first day my group visited this old town where they made the (i think) silver rings and the all the other accessories that including the head piece of the traditional dress of the Zhangjiajie women and also we walked this insanely long path from the top to this little resting place where they had thank goodness this sightseeing train that cost 30rmb, but my legs were done for so i took it to the bus stop. The bus took us to the starting point again and we went to eat dinner near our hotel which was really low budget one :D but that was okay. Dinner on the other hand was really something else, because even i was getting used to the spicy stuff that definitely hit the spot for me. After dinner we went to se musical dance performance which of course had some bushu in it :).
Fourth day after taking the little car long way to an ancient city and meeting up my personal guide for the day, she took me to see this really beautiful old canal city which name i forgot. That was quite different for Suzhou or Hangzhou in a good way. After seeing the places and little show on day time we went to have one drink each in this bar next to the river while waiting the night to come and Wow it was really great suprise to see the whole river on both sides lighted up with all these lights. It was definitly worht seeing place. Last day she put me again in bus to that took me with another group to the last tour place which was a huge awesome waterfall.

*This pictures don't have spesific timeline, so they are in the order i put them in here :P

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Break trought at last

After four weeks and who knows how many tries i finally got blogger and facebook back up and running. I think the Chinese firewall found me sense i couldn't connect with freegate to facebook or any other sites. that didn't exits in china. the closest google is in hong kong so pritty far to just get google.

Okay so on to the things that i been up sense the last update. Well first thing is that i visited finnish company in Suzhou and got praticial practice deal there for end of my flight ticket which is in 3.9. so three months after my Chinese classes ends. It will be tough so i have really work my butt off there since they are giving me a client project to work those three months. And also me and Urpi went to visit Suzhou as an sightseeing trip really early in the morning one day. The train ticker was 40 rmb which roughly 4-5 euros and it took us 25 minutes to get to Suzhou from Shanghai. The train station was super crowded even on normal weekdays and funny thing that we couldn't find the ticket counter in the Shanghai railway station so after few minutes going back and forward these two Chinese attendants came to ask us if were going to Suzhou and they said that they have tickets to earliest going train which was apparently sold out... i guess they buy always bunch of those ticket if travelers want to get on early train... we paid 50 rmp both for our tickets, but considering that we would had to wait for hours for next available train. The weather wasn't in the morning so that warm and bright, but it got better towards mid day and evening.
Well helloi doggy, going somewhere :) <3
One day (don't remember what date) i went with Urpi and Timo to this Luxu park near Shanghai football station. It was really nice place not too dirty or messed up place like the rest of the city. Walking there we realize that even Chinese that our ought to really busy people like their neighbors Japanese or Koreans. They do know how to take easy, because we saw them playing with their kids some badminton and flying to Kite or just laying there eating snacks,chatting. Since it was Saturday when we got to the park there was all these music performances singing and dancing. All the locals were watching them, but we just took pictures and moved along, because some of the locals and the singers started look us a bit weird. I think i could study Chinese the same amount of time as i did Japanese i could probably talk with the locals some small talk like introduce myself etc. but these three months are just glimse of what\s in Shanghai and near it.
Oh how i missed you so my little KIRIN ^o^
damn some old lady more flexable than us three compine :D

Ok that is all for now and i hope my internet works better next time too :P