Sunday, April 29, 2012

Break trought at last

After four weeks and who knows how many tries i finally got blogger and facebook back up and running. I think the Chinese firewall found me sense i couldn't connect with freegate to facebook or any other sites. that didn't exits in china. the closest google is in hong kong so pritty far to just get google.

Okay so on to the things that i been up sense the last update. Well first thing is that i visited finnish company in Suzhou and got praticial practice deal there for end of my flight ticket which is in 3.9. so three months after my Chinese classes ends. It will be tough so i have really work my butt off there since they are giving me a client project to work those three months. And also me and Urpi went to visit Suzhou as an sightseeing trip really early in the morning one day. The train ticker was 40 rmb which roughly 4-5 euros and it took us 25 minutes to get to Suzhou from Shanghai. The train station was super crowded even on normal weekdays and funny thing that we couldn't find the ticket counter in the Shanghai railway station so after few minutes going back and forward these two Chinese attendants came to ask us if were going to Suzhou and they said that they have tickets to earliest going train which was apparently sold out... i guess they buy always bunch of those ticket if travelers want to get on early train... we paid 50 rmp both for our tickets, but considering that we would had to wait for hours for next available train. The weather wasn't in the morning so that warm and bright, but it got better towards mid day and evening.
Well helloi doggy, going somewhere :) <3
One day (don't remember what date) i went with Urpi and Timo to this Luxu park near Shanghai football station. It was really nice place not too dirty or messed up place like the rest of the city. Walking there we realize that even Chinese that our ought to really busy people like their neighbors Japanese or Koreans. They do know how to take easy, because we saw them playing with their kids some badminton and flying to Kite or just laying there eating snacks,chatting. Since it was Saturday when we got to the park there was all these music performances singing and dancing. All the locals were watching them, but we just took pictures and moved along, because some of the locals and the singers started look us a bit weird. I think i could study Chinese the same amount of time as i did Japanese i could probably talk with the locals some small talk like introduce myself etc. but these three months are just glimse of what\s in Shanghai and near it.
Oh how i missed you so my little KIRIN ^o^
damn some old lady more flexable than us three compine :D

Ok that is all for now and i hope my internet works better next time too :P

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