Sunday, March 25, 2012

Pudong and get in shape 2012

 I went with two finnish friends to see the fameous Pudong area which was build in only 10 years to what its now. It was really good day with sunshine and no clouds so we left dorms about 10 am to our first stop which was a really big camera shop that had everything you would need as photographer. I bought few accessories to my camera as well screen protector,remote control and microphone. That mic was really find because it was only 440 yuan or in euros it was around 46~50 and back home that cost like 140 euros. Now that i have mic for my camera i propably take more videos from now on when ever i go somewhere in shanghai or some other place outside of city.

After buying all that we need or wanted from the shop we went to see this Nanbu bridge which was ok for scenery shots,but other than that it was not so good place as sightseeing. We had to walk a some distance before there wasn't any builkding in the way blocking our view of the bridge. Timo and i tried to test my microphone, but it didn't come with the battery to power it so no cool sounding videos and even when we went near the pearl tower there was only few food shops or street cars where they sell drinds and little snacks.

We planned to go see the pearl and the bottle opener towers, but ended up being in the pearl tower whole afternoon because we had to first wait at least one hour to get to the top and the we just waited for the sun to set while taking some pictures of the view around Pudong and from inside the tower ecspecially the two other guys took whole lot of pictures from the glass floor balceny. I have slight fear of heights so i wasn't that intrested in that thing.
 As special add to life here now that it s starting to get warmer and warmer everyday also much more sunshine and cloudless days coming i m starting my fitness project 2012 doing pull ups,sit up and running to get my upperbody at least bit more attractive to my little wife :P

Friday, March 16, 2012


Its been week s' daysand bit more sence i came to Shanghai to my second exchange program. Weather here has not been so great yet, because we had lot of rain recently and moist air which made the air a lot colder than it acsually is. Our apartmant is at least bigger than the dorm room what the others have in the campus.

I don't much to talk about these two weeks other than its been rainy and sunny every other day. but here some pictures from school and somewhere in city.
 Here a small clip from our chinese language lesson and you see she don't write any english so every lesson we are like what the hell are you girl writing there. That does not tell us anything at all :D

Monday, March 5, 2012

Flight to Shanghai

Well i got here in Shanghai some how and it is rain 24/7 at the moment here. My wife were at the airport to receive me and we took the bus to our place from the bus station. This city and country is way different than Japan. If china was even 1/4th of Japan s'  level it would be much better place travel and live for short time. In Copenhagen i had to wait for 3 hours because they didn't have plane in time and the one which came from Beijing was 2 hours late. Even the airplane s' captain told that the last crew had problems at China s' end before they left for Copenhagen.

Now i been here resting a bit before i start going to lectures for Chinese language and stuff. First thing that i noticed that in China if you are traveling by yourself be aware of local con-artist,cheaters and all the other bad people, but don't worry there are still decent people in here too who go by the roles just like in japan and any develop country.