Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Alright i have returned to Finland after painful 20 hours of flight and i am not still sure that i really experienced that exchange year,because it still feels like dream to me. Time flew by so fast, that i am thinking what i did in that one year living in Japan. Looking all the photos i took over the year living there helps me to keeps my memories alive and also cheers me always to do my best all thou it will take some time to get use to this normal student life here in Finland again, but i will keep giving my 110% to this year on my own studies and keep learning Japanese language by myself and probably go Japanese lessons again in my school s' town even thou they are beginners level, but it helps to keep my Japanese at least going and somewhat on edge.

Now i have to wait until October to get my final certification of graduation from Chiba university. About my studies in there and the classes i took both semesters. I was bit worried for awhile about pass few lessons, because i missed a few classes at the end and in one test i didn't have my electric-dictionary with me so i had to kind guess what the questions were about, but when i went ask me teacher about the test he said that i passed it, which gave me a huge relief.

Ok this week is going to be just about seeing my family and friends before i go back to my school town, which is three hour car ride from my parents place to city where my school is. I know they are probably overjoyed seeing me after a year, but i still kind of regrouping myself and getting my normal day routine back what i use to have when i was studying before going to Japan.

Well anyways i got to run, so i will keep you posted.
Until next time 

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