Saturday, September 3, 2011

One week up n gone

Well my first school week back here in Finland was unexpectedly normal, only thing that is missing is my old school class which i started with my friends, but anyways can't have always everything right. Now i m just thinking to a way to kill time since its weekend. On the week i started with half year earlier started class than myself and year later too so that i can catch up on my studies which i probably can't transfer from my japan s'
school points, which was kind of expected since i didn't have any classes that were on my own area of studies in Chiba university.

Monday i was with the class that start half year earlier than my class n the subject was machine automation 2, which about programing small size machinery with logic s and computer program. It was kind of fun to do these things again after year been gone and just studying Japanese with English. After we finished our last me and two of my school friends from the older class went to have after school beers at two of our town s' bars. Its was funny that i spent only 5 euros, but bought two beers in total which were 4,5euros both. The thing was that i won my money back on coin game with my 50 cent :D
 After been sometime and drinking our drinks we went to my friend s' place to continue our afternoon drinking and watching pictures from their exchange in Germany a half year. While watching them i became to think that my drinking session in japan was nothing to compare to their s' evening parties almost every second day :D

Tuesday was first full day in school that we have in this semester or season with same that we had on Monday plus two other subjects computer aided manufacturing and robotics. The robotics class n the Monday s'  class were one of the new subjects that i gotta study in this semester. I had few other too,but those to were mother language and some project studies which i m gonna miss after next week too since i going to Greek on Friday morning n going to be there for one week in sunshine and +25 degree weather, but for now i m still in my room cleaning it and design a new shelf for my TV and other small stuff that i have laying a around in my room.

Yesterday i went to the ski hill again with my bicycle to take some pictures of the rainbow and stuff.

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