Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Big ones and small ones

To school and back again this is how my days go by pretty much everyday now that i am stabilized myself to Finnish food and days as they come. Seriously i haven't find anything to do these few days other than find myself making and editing my last part of my exchange year in japan.
It is funny find that my days go by so fast when i m concentrating on making my video of my travels in japan and laugh time to time when remember back at those days and all the things we did with our little group of friends over the year.

But anyways back school i m currently learning how to operate these small and big robots so that i can use them in my future work perhaps or design something with them. Here in my school we have two types of robots and both are all so from different companies and manufactures. The big one is from company called ABB which is huge industrial robot maker in Europe and  small is from company called Motoman which is from Japan and is design for smaller objects movements than ABB s' robot that can carry up to 16kg of weight, but the Motoman s' is only up 2-5kg of weight.

Our school s' Motoman is this type of robot  but older model :)
And the ABB s' Robot looks like this
  We use and practice with these two three time a week in simulations and real life, since most of our work includes these types of robot design.

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