Monday, October 17, 2011

New Phase of life

Lately i have been thinking changing my career to professional photographer, but i realize that it would take much time and effort to be able to take and edit photos so that i would look just right or how the client want them, but since i have basically all the need equipment for taking and editing i thought i would give it shot.
I work with my photos from my time in japan and some of them came out pretty nice all thou some did not change from my editing at all, but that just shows that i might be to soft and careful around editing or just no skill :P
This week i am going some information searching in the KELA which is my country s' public social security organization that handles non-worker support and student support issues to ask what supports can my girlfriend get when she moves to live permanently with me.
Her arrival should is one big operation which makes me life bit more lively than it use to be until now. It is going to be a lot of paper work to get our daily lives in order with all this immigration things and etc.

I got to say that i never would had guess that i would get a girl so fast like i did. All of the sudden just before i was leaving japan the girl i thought was only just a friend ended up deciding come after me month after i have returned to my home country.

Here in Finland is starting to get colder day by day and i got building up works which i think i should finish before they end up slowing down my graduation. Next year s' main target for me is to get in to this Vulcanus-program that sends European students to Japan into companies as interns, if i would get in to that i would have awesome chance to get job in export, imports or international relation with different companies in both ends.
Oh i so miss Japan and my exchanges' friends in that time. I would do anything to get to live that whole year all over again without changing a thing. Maybe i will meet them some time again and hopefully they will remember what we all went through in Japan in that one year.

It is kind of funny to see that i am the first and youngest  one of three brothers that is going to be engaged to girl   even my brothers are like five and six years older than me, but middle one is that kind of person that don't want to stay in one place too long and is always on the road going around the Europe and North countries and the eldest don't want to be tied to girl just yet even they been together more then five years. :D

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