Saturday, October 1, 2011

Farewells for second time

Yesterday i said the second time to my Japanese friends goodbyes their final presentation were yesterday too so i went look that too which was really well done. A Japanese research group come to Seinäjoki about two weeks ago to work in cooperation with Finnish students as four person team to invent new kind of device for health care and nursing in effort to easier elderly peoples lives. 
I have to say that they in invent and design really good products which would definitively make life easier to old people,nurses and doctors to deal with problems and situations which could come everyday life.

First Team idea was to build an area or building where all generations could be together and have meals or anything else what there can be to entertain the people. Like dancing, playing bingo or some else what pops to mind. They even showed us a small paper doll animation of the action and application of this facility.

Second team idea was build a really handy device which could take all the necessary measurements that the old people needs to checks daily bases to keep their health condition good and it gives the nurses as well as the doctors the information to see their health and the possible problem to that is making them sick or unable move. Also this could be taken with you on travels so that you are not restricted to use it in your own house only since it would have internet as Wifi- connection to local hospitals and care take-centers.

 Third teams' idea took different approach to the problem and came up with relatively small wristwatch size device that could have all the abilities that would be need to see how your heart is doing and if you have fever which would be dangerous to old people.    

Final Fourth teams' idea to design and build a similar look and usage as ipads, but with enough simplified interface that old people and not so old people are able to understand how it work and are able to operate it  without difficult instructions and guidance also it would had sort intelligence that would interact with the user suggesting and reminding when to take medicine.     

 Final fourth team approach was to improve the elderly peoples memory so that their mind and memory wont go bad when they have something to remind them about what they have seen and heard but most experienced in their lives.   

Jun-san as the Technic 

School president giving certification of completion of the course 

Our whole group picture (some people are missing from this photo)
our Japanese Friends Singing hanamizuki-song in japanese

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