Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Test over n out

wooh no more exams for a while anymore :D thank god if there anything i really don't like its exams. I mean those are just waist of time and they don't really tell how good the students is in that area, but oh well we live in quite comparative world where everyone has to be either better or worse than the others. Seriously think about it you will find out that nothings really good enough for us ever.

Last week we had this fall vacation which was surprisingly over really fast, but when i think about it i didn't do that much to talk about.... :P

Somehow life here is really boring its not like don't have money to go place here, but it is just that i got so few friends here that i can hang out with so there isn't not much to do around here.
I thougt i put some old pictures from my year in japan.
Me and Antonia at chiba park
Kanda-temple shrine
capsule hotel in osaka (no tattoos in our house)
Our little chrismass party by me :D
Chie and Klaas :) Chiba-shrine
Chiba beach near chiba tower

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