Saturday, November 19, 2011

One n Half week til heaven drops a gift

Well only one and half week to go until heaven drop 's the best gift one could ever get. <3 My girlfriend arrives 1st of December here in Finland at 23.50 and i am going to see her at the airport when she i arrives. Oh i can't wait to see her again and be with her. That reminds me that i have to go police station to renew my passport that i can go to china meet her family there next years' January for a week. To do that i better fill my application for Tourist Visa to China, because i have no idea how long it will take them to process it. Last week and half were so busy at work i had to go to there all most everyday since there was like super long line cars waiting for to get their cars cleaned. I even had to work yesterday too on Sunday and the whole day me and my friend worked our butts off the whole time were open. I gotta take this day free time my limbs are just about done for and i woke this morning and felt that i could not bend my finger too well.

Today the season s' first snow has fell, but day is still kind warm so its melting relatively fast even thou i hope we could have big snow fall until Christmas so it would be white one like last year here in Finland when i was still in Japan with my plus one degree warm weather,but i think would wanna pass on the -30 Celsius... the last time i experienced that kind of cold weather was about four years ago in army services and MAN those days were cold as hell. I thought few times that i will lose my those or senses of them. Plus i had to be the holidays in stand by unit which lasted through Christmas. Uuh does were days when boys became men or just broke down like sand cake and few actually quit after first month and went to social service for 1,5 year. That what our country offers 6-12 months army, 18 months of social service or 6 weeks in jail for total denial.  

Thinking back now the army wasn't that bad it had it better days which were quite rare to be, but normal it would just be crap all the time even as officer in command. School in the other is best thing since sliced bread, which they sell in Japan like nothing else... seriously in my year there i did not see whole breads anywhere. Well they are rice based society.

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