Saturday, November 12, 2011

Part time Job

Wuhuu i got one extra money source for myself in these every expensive times. My cousin talked his boss at his current job and convinced him to hire me to this car washing work which is a bit far and i only have my bicycle as my transportation from here to there, but the thankfully i need to go there on weekends and sometimes when  there is a crowd and they need extra hand. So they call me or sent message to my phone and i bike there as soon as i can or are able to leave school in same cases. The best part is that when they call me to come as extra hand i get plus 2 hours extra to my working hours as "thank you for coming to help", so if they call me at 1 pm and i get there by 2 pm and work there to 9 pm which normal would be 7 hours of work, but been extra  "helping hand" i get 9 hours worth of pay :) Now i only hope to get Sunday work shifts as extra helper so that i would get two extra hours double pay ;)

 Anyways i have only two months left of my theoretic classes and then its only work practice and thesis which still in process of deciding what,where and when.  I have a few idea that i could start to prepare to work on as thesis, but i still need few other things to clear out before i can go give my focus idea to my department s' headmaster who approve these things and select a suitable teacher as adviser and director for it.  Somehow i wish i could get my Swedish class passed, because its been like ages since i spoke at least decent Swedish at all, so that is why i am trying to get the basic grammar and vocab back into my head otherwise my graduation is gonna take for ever.

Today was working again from 9 am to 2 pm a normal shift and came back to my apartment totally beat. My legs and back hurt so much from all the physical work that i had to do there plus the 6 km bike drive every time to work and back. Now i hope that tomorrow will be quiet day at work so that i can heal little bit better and my joints can rest for awhile too.  

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