Friday, January 6, 2012

Next Destination - Shanghai, China

I got my admission and visa application for the three month exchange program in Shanghai University. I am so excite about going to able go my wife country for such a long time kind for free since my school and Social Security System are paying all the big expenses like flight ticket and living, but also since my wife going get support from the SSS which will make our life bit easier there. The main help i'll have is my wife since she is Chinese so she can help to translate things for me and teach me more on free time that i learn in the University.
One thing still kind of wonders me is that will the school be as easy as Japan 's university life for exchange students or will there be some much prepared programs for us that we can't really go outside from Shanghai... although is pretty big city itself. Anyways after my school is over in Shanghai it's nose towards Harbin my wife hometown. (which is by the way still bigger in population than Finland all together XD ) There will be our second wedding and the time i meet rest of her family like she did here in Finland for my family. I hope her other relatives are nice as she and her mother, because i have begin to have doubts that they look me to be good enough to my wife to have, but we will have to wait and see what happens when i get there.
Today we were planning to get Kin Kin her support money from the SSS and get her own bank account here in Finland, but i didn't remember that today was holiday so we ended up going to town and noticed every shop are closed so we just decided to walk around for awhile and build up our appetite to go eat in a "all you can"-buffet which was good change to all the plain food that we have cooked here at the apartment.
Nothing is better meal than all you can eat buffet after few weeks of plain potato,meat,chicken,vegetables and other things. While we were walking around town we saw these small piles of snow in the yards of one of the markets and i told kin kin to go and act like kung fu panda which was so funny to watch and when she tried to slide down this little slope she totally got stuck. She couldn't slide at all with her jeans even it was little frozen snow. 

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