Thursday, January 19, 2012

Counting remaining days

Well it happened again, a bit more snowier day put my country s' railways in a pickle. From here to the coast city called Vaasa the railway s'  was disconnected and they had to replace them with buses until it will fixed. This storm didn't just disconnected railways thousands houses are without power again due the heavy snow fall on trees branches that has broken power lines with trees falling over them. This year is bit different from last for sure, but last few years wasn't actually normal in either way.

But in any case got my Flight ticket to shanghai booked and ready to go. Now i only have few things to do while waiting for my departure day to china. First i have see my wife to airport on 28ht of this month when she returns to Japan and get her own things straighten up and taken care. Second will be to get mu things packed up and ready to go before i leave and then there is the apartment issues again with going now again  and returning on  summer. I m really hoping that i got work practice and thesis idea done at the same visit. I m thinking about taking the one year multi-entry visa for one year to China that way i can stay longer just in case.

With just six weeks to go until my second travel plan is going to be in effect, i will just get my last remaining classes done and done then i can concentrate on working on my thesis if i get place in china after my school there. Kin kin said that she will take me around China to see all sort of cool things. One special place will be panda breeding and research center near Yan s' home town in Sichuan. It will be really something when i get there. It is one big country and more than enough people in it ;D Just hoping that my flight will be on time when i  go to China. My new passport is now bio-metric and has my finger prints and stuff in it.Only thing that remains to be get is Visa from the Chinese embassy.  It will be pain it the butt to gather all my things again and move them  to fathers care, also i gotta go leave annoucment for my move to the office. so i dont have pay extra month. Got some issues in school still but i think i will get them fixed out with no problems after we come back from China. i m keeping my fingers crossed and hopping that i could get my work done in there and maybe do base research for my thesis. I need some motivation drug to put me into gear on my school work... today i got my Swedish assignments done finally and now i have to do the other ones too. It is a pain in the ass to write all this stuff but i have only six weeks to go until i m off to China. Main goal is to graduate in year form now in this years December 2012 or next years January 2013. I don't plan to be studying more than six months over my planned graduate day which should be this spring :P   

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