Thursday, January 3, 2013

Back in Fitness

しまったー 私は全全気づいていなかった。僕はちょっと太くなった。
じゃ 今年僕は重量を失うために行使する必要があります。今回は、新しい年は昨年よりも少し静かだった、でも親類のいっしょにあの日は楽しかった。

WAAAH *O* i didn't noticed at all how fat i jave gotten. :S I seriously have to start exercise more to lose this extra weight. This time new years eve was some what quieter than last years. I wonder if that because people don't go out that much anymore and just want stay home where is nice and warm.

I spent my new years eve with my cousin. It was actually nice to have this kind of peace and quiet once in while , remembering those past ones when we just bought like insane amount of little fireworks stuff and trying to make them into a bigger one and just blow it inside snowman. That was fun when your 12-15 years :D but now its more just like one bottle of champagne and reminiscing the good old times with all the mischief that we had done over the years in our school days :D

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Hidden Jewels from good old times

I started to go through old video footage from my exchange year in japan and putting them online for Jpac friends to watch. there is quite many so it'll take time to edit them all and Youtube so i ll try to put at least 1-3 per every week.

So here is the first three clips from those times.